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Course Details:

  • Duration: 40 Hours

Upon Completing this Course You Will Have the Skills To:

  • Prepare and process dangerous goods shipments.
  • Understand legal requirements, operational restrictions, and governing entities.
  • Learn how to use IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual and complete the necessary dangerous good transport documents.
  • Be able to apply the regulations to identify, pack mark, label and document dangerous goods (Hazmat).
  • Develop a working knowledge of the legal responsilibites involved with the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Examine safety issues related to the handling of dangerous goods and apply them approprately in the workspace.

This Course is Recommended For:

  • Airline acceptance staff, shippers and freight forwarders responsible for the safe transport of dangerous goods shipments.
  • Cargo instructors and instructional designers responsible for dangerous goods training.
  • Ground handling and load control staff involved in the cargo chain.
  • Regulatory compliance specialists.
  • Personnel from the Department of Transportation and Civil Aviation Authorities.
  • Operations and station managers.
  • Students with interest in developing themselves in the Air Cargo Industry.

Key Topics:

  • Detailed step-by-step explanation of how to use and correctly apply the most current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations manual.
  • Operator and shipper's responsibilities.
  • Limitations: excepted and limited quantities, State and operator's variations.
  • Classification and identification: the nine hazard classes with their main criteria, the alphabetic list and precedence of hazards table, special provisions, Not Otherwise Specified (N.O.S) entries, mixtures and solutions.
  • Packaging, marking and labeling requirements: UN specifications, limited quantities, compatibility and segregation of packages, overpacks.
  • Shipment of radioactive materials.
  • Procedures: loading, storage and inspection, emergency procedures.
  • Tools to help you and your organization on the safe handling of Dangerous Goods.
  • Identification, classification, proper packaging, marking, labeling and documentation requirements (Air Waybill and Shipper's Declaration).
  • Emergency loading and unloading procedures, segregation, storage and handling.

Breakdown by session:

  • DAY 1

Items not listed by name- N.O.S. Entries
Mixture and solutions with a single hazard
Mixture and solutions with multiple hazards

  • DAY 2

Packing Specifications and Performance Tests
Marking and labeling

  • DAY 3

Provision of information

  • DAY 4
Radioactive Materials
  • DAY 5

Final Examination

Course through our ATC certification (IATA - Authorized Training Center)

  • Oficial IATA material is awarded (in English):

  • - DGR Training Program Manual (Compendium of DGR Manual)
    - A Guide with review questions for the final exam.
    - Free! - Latest edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual
      *This material is property of the Student
  • The final exam with be conducted on the IATA premises at Mexico City. (Travel expenses not included in the course fee).

    - By approving with a 80% minumum, an IATA Certification, at DGR Category 3, is obtained through
      a Diploma issued directly by the Association.
    - A special distinction is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 90% of higher.
    **The final exam is scheduled about 3 months after the course completion, according to IATA established dates for this purpose.

Course through our ATS certification (IATA – Accredited School)

  • Course material is handed (in Spanish), on the main topics covered, for note taking and exercise making.
    *This material is property of the Student
  • The student will have access (in loan) to IATA Course Mateial (in English) to use as support, for the duration of the course.
  • The final exam will be presented at the last day of the course.

    - By approving with a 80% minumum, a Certificated of DGR Category 6, issued by Mexican Cargo Sales
      Representative, as ATS (IATA – Accredited School) is awarded.
  • The exam’s results will be announced no later than three business days, after the final exam was taken.
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